Why start a coffeehouse?

Great question!  In many ways, this business is not about coffee at all.  It's about a community coming together to say there are too many people hurting and struggling all around us and too many people who have not experienced the joy and peace that can only be found through Jesus Christ.  It's about a community that is proud of the ministries and charities that are doing everything they can to help but ultimately who want to see a bigger difference made, even more people who get their lives turned around, and people flocking to the Lord.  We want to give every penny we can to these causes and help make money no longer the biggest limitation to what they can do. 

We just happen to think that running a first rate coffeehouse would be awesome way to raise those funds and provide a safe, wholesome atmosphere for us all to enjoy!

Who are we focused on helping?

We have a heart for the hungry, homeless, and addicted.  We believe that Christ calls us to leave the 4 walls of our churches and to help people physically with their current struggles while sharing with them the Gospel.  Our focus will be funding the ministries and charities that share in this same belief and serve the people of Palmerton and its surrounding communities.